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Home Performance & Weatherization Services

Energy Audits | Insulation | Air Sealing | Air Duct Sealing | Crawl Space Repair


Energy Audits: By analyzing the house as a system and looking at the interrelationships between each of your home's components -- building envelope (insulation, windows, doors, exterior penetrations), combustion equipment (boilers, furnaces, water heaters), etc. -- we're able to identify the key sources of discomfort, indoor air quality, and energy waste in your home. A thermal imaging scan can be utilized during the audit to identify areas of concern. Our audit professionals are then able to target the areas with the highest return on investment so you get the greatest home improvement for the best value. 

Air Sealing: Air leakage occurs everywhere in your home - like unsealed windows and doors, plumbing and pipe penetrations in your kitchen and bathroom, unfinished attics and closets, and areas that were not sealed during initial construction. Sealing these leaks can greatly reduce your homes heating and cooling costs, while reducing drafts and increasing comfort.

Insulation: Insulation, whether its blown, batt or spray foam, is the barrier between your warm conditioned home and the cold outside winter air. Insulation also keeps the cool air produced by your HVAC in your home throughout the summer. Having thick, consistant levels of insulation in walls, ceilings and floors helps to reduce energy bills and keep your home comfortable all year long.

Air Duct Sealing: Shockingly, 20% of the conditioned air produced in the home is lost through unsealed or broken duct work before it even reaches bedrooms, kitchens and livings rooms. Air Duct sealing, simply put, is re-sealing all the connections, seams, and registers of duct work so any and all conditioned air is delivered into the home.

Crawl Space Repair: The typical crawl space on the Eastern Shore, contains a dirt floor, old insulation some existence of mold, and in most cases,  excessive moisture. The benefit of encapsulating your crawl space protects the foundation, structure and indoor air quality all while reducing energy costs.