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Home Energy Audits

A Home Energy Audit is an affordable and practical way to identify inefficiencies, energy consumption and health and safety concerns in any home. At Total Home Performance, we treat every home just like our own and help discover ways to become more energy efficient, comfortable, healthy and safe. The energy audit consists of inspections of the living space, crawl spaces and attics to find signs of air leakage, moisture and other home inefficiencies. Our team of certificated energy auditors communicate with the homeowner throughout the inspection process and finally deliver a customized, detailed report outlining the findings and a strategy to improve the home. Each energy audit report comes with a prioritized list of solutions to help create the comfort, efficient and relaxing home you desire. 


Homeowner Interview

At the beginning of each audit, one of our certified energy audit specialists will start with a brief interview and questions to better understand the concerns of home and reason for the audit. We look for homeowners to provide input such as areas of the home at that often cold or drafty or even rooms that seem impossible to cool down during warm summer months. Auditors will often ask if there are any mold or musty smells coming from specific rooms of the house. Homeowners are encouraged to walk around with the auditor and to fully participate during the process.


Attic & Insulation Review

As air temperatures change throughout the year, the condition of the attic is an essential area of the home when it comes to energy efficiency. Quality, high levels of Insulation prevent warm air from escaping in winter months and also prevents hot humid summer air from penetrating into the home. During the energy audit process, specialists will examine the condition and levels of insulation and air leakage as well as signs of moisture or other harmful issues.


Interior Examination

The interior examination of the home starts with accessing simple measures that can be taken that immediately impact energy bills. Replacement of incandescent bulbs to CFLs, programmable thermostats, caulking windows & doors, and unplugging unused electrical devices. Other measures, such as proper mechanical ventilation and appliance condition and age are assessed during home walkthroughs.


Blower Door & Thermal Imaging

During the home energy audit, diagnostic equipment is used to provide a deeper understanding of what is happening between the walls of the home. A large fan or Blower Door is set up on an exterior door to measure the amount of air leakage or air infiltration occuring during normal operating conditions. As air is being pulled through the fan, auditors will use a Thermal Imaging Camera to identify additional signs of air infiltration that may not be visible. The Blower Door test provides a good baseline measurement for how much improvement can be made by sealing the leaks.


Basement & Crawl Space Review

As the final piece of the audit process, the auditor will conduct a full inspection of the crawl space. During his inspection, he will identify signs of air leakage such as electrical and plumbing penetrations that allow moist, unconditioned crawl space air into the home. In addition, he will visually inspect for signs of mold, standing water or structural problems. 


Recommendation and Plan of Action

Shortly after the completion of the home energy audit, Total Home Performance will provide a complete audit report with pictures and recommended energy-saving strategies. These strategies often include increasing homes comfort and efficiency through air sealing, insulation, air duct sealing and crawl space encapsulation as well as identifying and health and safety concerns.