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What is the most important place in my home to weatherize?

Addressing issues in your attic tends to offer the best savings to investment ratio. Measures like adding insulation & air sealing offer an immediate savings on both energy consumption and utility costs.

Should I replace my doors & windows to save money?

Windows & Doors only contribute to about 10% of air loss in your home. Other cost-effective measures such as insulation and air sealing will offer a better return on your investment and yield higher energy savings.

Am I losing energy through my duct system?

Traditional fiberglass duct systems are held together with foil faced tape. Over time, the tape begins to loose its abrasiveness causing leaks in the duct system. Sealing these leaks with a fiber reenforced compound called mastic will eliminate conditioned air loss in your attic and crawl space.

What is Air Sealing & Why is it important?

Air sealing consists of sealing all gaps, cracks, top plates, electrical and plumbing penetrations in both the attic and crawl space. A well-defined air barrier in your home will greatly cut down on energy consumption, drafty rooms and excessive dust.

What can be done about my Crawl Space?

Crawl Spaces are often the most neglected part of the home. However, your crawl space contributes to about 20% of the first floor air in your home. Improves such as air sealing, insulation & vapor barriers will increase structural integrity, longevity & indoor air quality.

Why do I need any Energy Audit?

An Energy Audit is the most effective way to determine how much energy your home consumes. Our certified auditors pinpoint where your home is loosing energy and the most cost effective to improve effeciency.