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Crawl Space Repair

Creating a cool, dry crawl space

Crawl Spaces, when left untreated, can be one of the biggest detriments to a home. Vented crawl spaces are subject to seasonal temperature changes having lasting effects on the indoor atmosphere of the home. During the summer months as hot humid air passes through crawl space vents into a cooler, less humid crawl space they often begin to experience condensation. This leads to standing water in the crawl, damage to insulation,  ideal pest habitat, and conditions for mold and fungal growth.

Alternatively, a controlled sealed crawl space can provide many positive influences on energy consumption, indoor air quality and occupant health. Rather than the crawl space be susceptible to high and low temperature swings when vented, a seal crawl space will maintain a temperature relative to the ground and home with significantly less humidity. Treating the crawl space as a miniature basement will alleviate many long term problems for the home.

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