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Attic Services

Total Home Performance is the premier comfort and energy efficiency contractor on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Our energy saving attic services make your home more comfortable by cutting down drafts, preventing heat loss and sealing air leaks. We will help you discover ways to make your home more energy efficiency through our no obligation Home Energy Audit or our complimentary free estimates. Discover how you can make your home more comfortable and efficient today.

Air Sealing

 Air Sealing stops unwanted outside air from entering your home. These penetrations exist in your crawl space and attic and often go unseen. Our certified and trained experts will help you find sources of air leakage like plumbing, electrical and HVAC penetrations. Learn how your home can benefit from whole house air sealing.



Insulation helps create a thermal barrier between your home and the outside like a coat or jacket. It helps to keep your conditioned air coming from you HVAC system stay in your home. Insulation works the winter months by keeping the warm air inside your home and the opposite in the summer by keeping the warmer outside air from entering your cool home.


Air Duct Sealing

Air Ducts in your home are assembled by professional contractors using products like duct board and foil tape. Over time, these materials break down allowing for confitioned air to escape your duct system. This leads to problems like uncomfortable rooms and causes a lot of stress on HVAC equipment. Sealing the duct work with a product called mastic can eliminate air loss and improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.