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Whole House Air Sealing

Understanding Air Leaks

Air Sealing is unwanted outside air that enters your home through gaps, cracks and voids that most homeowners do not notice. These penetrations existing around your plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC chases and drywall joints. Up until 2015, it's been typical practice by contractors and building inspectors, not to seal these penetrations. As requirements have changed for new construction and remolding, these voids are now a requirement to seal in order to pass inspections. Total Home Performance recommends that all homes should be air sealed in an effort to make your home more comfortable and efficient. Air Sealing reduces drafts in uncomfortable rooms, helps your home maintain conditioned air and will cut down on dust, pollen and other air particulates coming from the outside or the crawl space.

Historically, 20% of the first-floor air in your house is transmitted from your crawl space and into your home. Air sealing is one form improvement that can help stop musty odors, moisture and pests that enter your home through points of infiltration in the crawl space. At the same time, air sealing will eliminate cold drafts that pass by your floors during cold winter months.




Identifying Air Leaks

A simple Blower Door Test that measuring air infiltration can determine the leakage of your home and the opportunity for improvement. During the test, Total Home Performance can identify sources of air leakage coming from typical places like kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. By pinpointing these locations, we can seal your home both efficienctly and effectively.






Sealing Air Leaks

Fixing these areas of air infiltration is very easy after locating them with the Blower Door Test. Our trained and certified weatherization experts seal air leaks using a combination of techniques and materials to help improve the comfort of your home.